Harry Leader and the Secrets Of Brian (2022)


Watch Harry Leader and the Secrets Of Brian (2022) Online Free NO ADS – After he took down Berryman in his last battle, Harry learned an unforgiving truth about his father. Harry learns that his father is a murderer who wanted to turn him into the ultimate weapon. Brian Leader had been planning this whole thing out. Brian hired Berryman to kill Matteo and spark rage in Harry. Just before Harry was going to kill Berryman, he realized that this is what his father wants. Berryman wants to take down both Harry and Brian, but Harry believes he can take down his father. After Brian finds out that Berryman is still alive, he kills Mrs. Berryman and his side chick. Berryman was broken. Berryman took it upon himself to take down both Harry and Brian, while Harry wants to stop his father. Brian killed Dumbledore, so he was the successor to run Hogwarts. Now that Brian was in control, he revealed himself to the magical world. Everyone was frightened, but Harry was not. Doctor Strange is also able to bring some familiar “pages” to the final battle. . ID: 969473

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